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Mobile version is wrong


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    carmenkvilar started the conversation

    We are reviewing the mobile adaptation of its demo of the theme, for example the foot, in our case everything comes out compressed as if it were the web version in mini, however in its demo, it comes out vertically as it should be. We do not understand anything.

    Please, can you help us? We have a big trouble.


    We are designing a website for a client, and when we have started to review the responsive option, we see that elementor indicates a correct adaptation but in reality everything is out of square. we have reviewed everything again, we do a lot of webs every year, and we know elementor well. The theme has an adaptability problem, it is requiring us to make a complete specific design for the mobile version, however it indicated that it was responsive. Can you help us?
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    Ha replied


    You can go to Admin / Elementor / you can check config 

    +/ Tools : You can regenerate CSS agian


    +/ Settings :

    - Advanced tab:


    - Experiments tab: please change config to Inactive



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    carmenkvilar replied

    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards