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Theme issues


  • Ian Monsch started the conversation


    I'm very disappointed in the theme I've purchased.

    Firstly i'd like to discuss the fact that I've not been able to import DEMO 1. It just doesn't work and I made multiple people try it. In the end I decided to just import DEMO 4 and go with that, even though it was not my first choice. 

    Second; alot of Elementor blocks are locked and require you to upgrade to pro. Shouldn't there be an activation included in the purchase of this theme?

    Third; In the rooms section, I would like to change '/night' into '/month'. Why is this option not available and / or nowhere to be found? The same goes for the button that goes with the element that says 'see details'. I would like it to say 'read more', but there is no available option for this and trust me, I've looked EVERYWHERE.

    Fourth; I'm having trouble installing the SSL for the website. This is what my hosting provider wrote:

    "I disabled all the plugins and the website was back online but not as it should be, design wise. You need to consult with your developer to find the plugin that is creating the issue here.

    After this is solved, I can get started on the SSL certificate."

    Fifth; In the System Status section it says that there's an error regarding my PHP Time Limit & PHP Max Input Vars. My hosting company did everything to meet the minimum theme requirements, but the error messages never disappeared.

    Is there a way to fix all of the above in very short time?

    If not, do I get a refund?

    Hoping to hear from you ASAP.


    Ian Monsch

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    Ha replied

    Hello Mate,

    - You can check requirements the same link:


    - You can check on your site have slug name home-1 before import demo, it will not dont import new home-1 page.

    - You can change url from http to https the same or search other solution


    - If you don't like this theme,  you absolutely can request a refund from us here: 


    Thank you,

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