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edit _varaibles.scss via Child Theme


  • Maria Wiegandt started the conversation


    I wanted to change the yellow color that appears in the theme in different places, for example here:

    #pbr-masthead.header-absolute .navbar-mega .navbar-nav > li.active > a, #pbr-masthead.header-absolute .navbar-mega .navbar-nav > li.active > a .caret {
        color: #ffd200;}

    ... but also in Icons, buttons etc.

    It is not possible trough the customization panel in the Wordpress Backend. Therefore I installed a child theme (with help of the plugin you recomended in another ticket). But instead of searching for "#ffd200" and replacing it in every css rule, I thouhgt I might also change the default theme color in the /wp-content/themes/na/sass/components/_variables.scss

    -> by editing this line:

    $theme-color    : #6C7D56 !default; /* main color which will be used for all main block styles... */

    But unfortunately it does not seem to work that way. Is this even possible by editing a childtheme or do I have to search for all instaces of the color and replace every css-rule?

    I also have a second quesion: I would want to have a very simle "Quick Search" Panel that only has fields for type, price and area. But in the settings for the search panel there is no option to disable "location". Now I was wondering which file I should edit for my child theme in order to make the "location" field disappear (or maybe it is also possible and easier to do this via css?)

    Thank you so much! Your support is awesome (fast and very nice!)
    Greetings Maria

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    Ha replied

    Hi again, Maria!

    - About custom color, you can't change all colors by edit_variables.scss, this just for our developer, it mean you need so many tools to render to style.css file. In this case, you should overwrite themes/na/css/style.css file via child-theme, find and replace all color as you want.

    - About search form, you should overwrite this file: wp-content/plugins/opal-estate/templates/parts/search-form-h.php, copy it to wp-content/themes/your-child-theme-folder/opalestate/parts/search-form-h.php

    Best regards!

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