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Single Room Page


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    zronta started the conversation

    Hi there,

    i'm very satisfied with this theme, great work by all of your developers!

    Only thing i'm not happy with is Single Room Page, where there is no way to edit things. What i mean is: 

    1. Can i change the way to show images in Gallery? Image can't be zoom in, looks really bad in this kind of form. Maybe to replace this kind of Gallery with another one?

    2. Can i add contact form at the end of the single room page? 

    Hope to have your answer as soon as you can. Thank you in advance!

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    Ha replied

    Hi you,

    #1. Yes, you can customize this display again. You have to overwrite the single tour file -> modify the js code.

    #2. You can create a function that calls the contact form, then add_action to the waiting hook in the single hotel file/

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    zronta replied

    Thank you a lot!

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    charlotteWP replied


    I have the same problem with my rooms, the pictures in the gallery looks very bad. For my part they are too zoomed but I don't know how to change the js code....

    I don't understand why I have this problem I seem to be the only one, maybe a problem with any configuration... Can you help me Ha ?

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    zronta replied

    charlotte,  i understand what you mean, my situation was the same. How i solved my problem: i just made custom Page from blank by myself,  add few textboxes and add gallery widget. Good luck for you 

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    charlotteWP replied

    Thank you Zronta !

    I was thinking of doing the same but I am afraid to loose some fonctionalities. Don't you think that rooms are linked with the booking and calendar ? 

    If not I don't really understand why you should create room instead of pages....