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Trying to override with child-theme fails


  • Lucas started the conversation

    I am trying to override {theme}/kingcomposer/woo_category_subs.php with a local theme but it's not working in any way.

    I'm a experienced WordPress developer, here's what I did so far:

    • Checked that the child-theme is working properly (exit debug in child functions works)
    • I tried to configure King Composer's set_template_path as stated here, but didn't work.
    • I confirmed that woo_category_subs.php is the file I need to changed by changing it directly, however, I would like to do so in a child-theme so I don't lose my changes in a future update.


  • Lucas replied

    I figured out. I had to manually save the posts where that content was being used for it to "refresh".

    Complete steps:

    1. Created a child-theme
    2. Added this to child functions.php:
      function kc_init(){
          global $kc;
          $kc->set_template_path( get_stylesheet_directory().'/kingcomposer/' );
      add_action('init', 'kc_init', 99 );
    3. Copied {theme}/kingcomposer directory to {child-theme}/kingcomposer
    4. Made the changes I wanted
    5. Manually saved each post where that content was being used. What a pain.
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    Ha replied


    About your issues, pls send FTP and Admin web account  for me, I will check and help you.

    Thank you.

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